If you are leaving the Armed Forces, or if you have ever served, then you are a potential J1 candidate. 

Our main focus is at the Mid Career Executive – Manager level (broadly Lt Col – Warrant Officer and RN / RAF equivalents), but we can and do place people both above and below this, so feel free to register if this applies to you.

When you register with J1 we will automatically send you a 30 page Candidate Guide designed specifically to help you through the job hunting process by ex-military people who have been on that journey themselves.  It is updated frequently.

It’s not J1’s role to find you a job.  Our focus is on filling our Clients’ roles with the best and most suitable ex-military available.  Registration simply means that we will be able to consider you for these opportunities. 

If you want help in building your CV go to our Resources page, where you will find some useful templates to help you.