Welcome to J1 Consulting

J1 Consulting is a uniquely different sort of Executive Search firm.

  • We operate in the bracket £25 - £150k sourcing Executives and Managers, with £40 - £80k roles being our sweet spot.  We do not source Operatives.
  • Over the last 6 years placements have been made into multiple sectors: Financial & Professional Services; Consultancy; Risk Management; Engineering; Supply Chain / Logistics; Construction; Utilities; Telecoms; Not for Profit; Security; HR / Administration; Education; Travel and Hospitality / Catering. 
  • We draw primarily on high grade ex-military candidates across all three services (generally junior / mid career Officers and Warrant Officers), whose experience we can put into context for our Clients.  At the higher salary levels such individuals have generally already established themselves in a commercial Sector.  We also place a few people from the Police; Security Services etc.
  • We have won two national Awards for the quality of the work we do.

We thrive on quality of service, professionalism and integrity, like the people we place - and historically we have operated on a 'NO HIRE, NO FEE' basis, so there is nothing to pay unless you hire a candidate we source specifically for you. 

We will also now take on Retained work too, and in these circumstances can offer some reduction on Contingent rates.

Whether you are a potential Client wondering if this talent stream is for you, or someone with a Forces background who would like to register with us, you will find all that you need here on our website.

J1 Consulting